Pilot Bay Films

Olive Grove

One of the most interesting things about hiking Cinque Terre is that you cover a myriad of terrain - from the rocky bay to the vinyards, and then up through some olive groves. I flew back to Vancouver a week later and scored this out in Ableton.

One Hour Score

I recently included Hollywood Strings into my East West Quantum Leap arsenal and I’m astonished at how much control I have over this thing. In an effort to grasp how much has changed since Quantum Leap, I’ve scored this quick little track (time boxed myself into one hour):

Working on a new film

I’m working on a new short film called Sinew and Yellow Cedar. What is the state of wooden boat building? In a world where we are constantly throwing things away and buying products made of plastic, we tend to forget the value of working with your hands and producing something with natural elements.

Pitching Workshop

I was recently shortlisted to pitch my idea for a series of shorts to the Knowledge Network. This has been one of the greatest experiences of my life.

About Pilot Bay Films

Welcome to the workspace of Pilot Bay Films. Born from long summer months fishing from a rock on the East Shore, to the long hikes in the Kootenay wilderness in search of lost and forgotten mines, these adventures have served as the inspiration for these films.

Equal part film, with equal part scoring, these films are here to tell a story and make you a part of this adventure.

What do we do? Planning / filming / editing / scoring... what ever it takes.