Sinew and Yellow Cedar Short

When my dad was younger, he built a wooden sail boat which he used for a short time on Kootenay Lake. Growing up, I never had the chance to sail it, but I always wondered what it took to build something like this - for the many years that it rested at the side of the house, I watched it rot away.

I made a few decisions with this film: I wanted to make it look filmic (my setup was with a lower frame rate and the GH3 has its own grain) and I wanted the colors to be black and white - though, when I initially graded, I ended up backing off on the black and white. I really like the result.

I watched a boat take shape from a pile of wood strips and a roll of ballistic nylon. Within the first week, I could see something was taking shape - the ribs were lashed on and soon enough the frame was ready for the skin.

At the end of a pitch session back in June, I was handed an album - one of the tracks “Boats”, by Lydia Hol was compelling - a perfect fit for my film and though I was originally going to score the track myself, I couldn’t let this one go.

A month passed by - but, soon enough, I found myself back behind the camera and managed to pull off the remaining b-roll. It took me months to get enough footage to do this but it was worth it. I finally captured the gleaming water through the nylon.

About Pilot Bay Films

Welcome to the workspace of Pilot Bay Films. Born from long summer months fishing from a rock on the East Shore, to the long hikes in the Kootenay wilderness in search of lost and forgotten mines, these adventures have served as the inspiration for these films.

Equal part film, with equal part scoring, these films are here to tell a story and make you a part of this adventure.

What do we do? Planning / filming / editing / scoring... what ever it takes.